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A cycling holiday in South Tyrol with 1,000 possibilities

We may not have re-invented the bicycle itself, but we may have just re-invented the cycling holiday! In our bed and breakfast in Val Venosta/Vinschgau you are in for an exceptional cycling holiday in South Tyrol. Bike. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. This is what a cycling holiday in South Tyrol with us looks like. It is up to you to change the order or the activities, because at our hotel in Castelbello-Ciardes/Kastelbell-Tschars you are free as a bird. Free to design your holiday according to your own heart. Hop onto the saddle and take a leisurely ride on the Venosta Valley cycling track or explore the Val Venosta/Vinschgau trail paradise on the Monte Sole/Sonnenberg and Monte Tramontana/Nörderberg on foot.

Mountain world, roam the woods, and climb lonely peaks; burn newly gathered calories during shopping or sightseeing; and in winter, leave your traces in the snow. No matter which activity you choose, during your cycling holiday in South Tyrol with us, you will be doing cartwheels of joy.

Take a hike: hiking and biking in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

If a cycling holiday in South Tyrol is what you are after, then the Kesslwirt is the way to go. Right outside our guesthouse in South Tyrol you find the infamous Venosta Valley cycling track, meandering from Merano/Meran high up towards Resia/Reschen pass. Do you prefer to keep your feet on the ground? Then you might be pleased to know that you have chosen a veritable bike mekka. Between the barren Monte Sole/Sonnenberg on one side of the valley and the shady Monte Tramontana/Nörderberg on the other, there are countless unforgettable rides awaiting you on the multifaceted trails. Do you prefer to explore by foot? Then take a hike. One step outside our door and you are on your way. Whether you fancy a leisurely walk to idyllic Alpine pastures or a high-mountain trek, with us you draw on abundant resources. The Monte Sole/Sonnenberg, the Monte Tramontana/Nörderberg, the Texel group, and the Stelvio national park make for some truly beautiful hiking destinations.

Motorcycling holidays in South Tyrol – roam and marvel

You like to hit the pedal, especially when on holidays? Then make yours a motorcycling holiday in South Tyrol. Where? Well, at the Kesslwirt, of course. Thanks to our convenient location near the Val Venosta/Vinschgau state road, nothing stands in your way. Narrow bends, thrilling mountain tracks, and breathtaking pass roads – in the immediate vicinity of our hotel in Castelbello-Ciardes/Kastelbell-Tschars you find plenty of spectacular motorcycling routes, but not only … Along the track there are also countless cultural treasures andsights, which are well worth the swerve. The Castelbello/Kastelbell Castle, the Churburg Castle near Sluderno/Schluderns, the Abbey of Monte Maria, the Saint Proculus church, the little medieval town of Glorenza/Glurns, or the mundane spa town of Merano/Meran.

Cycling holiday in summer, snowy fun in winter

If you have spent your cycling holiday in South Tyrol, you are bound to come back in winter. The cold season is a time to hit the slopes; the Two Country Ski Arena features an incredible 211 slope kilometres and 6 ski resorts: Solda/Sulden, Trafoi, Watles, Belpiano-Malga San Valentino/Schöneben-Haideralm, and Nauders. While skiing, you can literally push the boundaries and set foot upon eternal ice. You are looking for complete silence? Then take off and conquer the South Tyrolean mountains while ski touring and winter walking on the Monte Sole/Sonnenberg or Monte Tramontana/Nörderberg, or while cross-country skiing in the rustic Via Martello/Martelltal. Summer or winter, upon your return at the Kesslwirt you can redeem your reward: a cold beer, a small, but lovely spa oasis to kick back, and irresistible culinary delights, which will restore your energy reserves. You are best adviced to book your well-deserved timeout at the Kesslwirt right away and quench your thirst for good beer and satisfy your hunger for holiday adventures!