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All cakes and ale at our guesthoust in South Tyrol

Breakfast at the Kesslwirt

A good day starts with the right breakfast. Which we serve you at our hotel in Castelbello-Ciardes/Kastelbell-Tschars day after day. At the Kesslwirt, life is literally all cakes and ale. Already in the morning we pamper you with a rich breakfast from the buffet, featuring plenty of culinary treasures from Val Venosta/Vinschgau: apricots from Lasa/Laas, strawberries from Val Martello/Martelltal, apples from Castelbello/Kastelbell, spicy cheese from Slingia/Schlinig, local bacon and sausages, fresh yoghurt, tasty muesli made with local grain, creamy butter, fruity jam, tasty local rye bread, and much more. Alongside, we serve Alpine herbal tea or various coffee creations. After our rich breakfast you will be game for anything. So tuck in and let the games begin; countless adventures and sights await you!